Daedalus Ramssees Ink
The Doctor

The epicurious Doctor Ink has landed on our shores from distant lands.
Born the bastard love child of a drunken encounter of her Imperial Majesty, Queen Victoria Regina and a young Cecil Rhodes, the story of Daedalus Ramssees Ink is riddled with controversy from the very moment he drew his first breath.

His father at 17 was shipped off to the Africas by the establishment to quell the possible scandal of his birth and Daedalus rarely was allowed to meet with him. On one visit as a toddler Daedalus witnesses his father selling ice to miners, a precursor to him following in his father’s footsteps in one way at least.
Christened Daedalus Ramesses Ink, his own name serves as a permanent reminder to him never aspire to fly too close to the sun or throne, remember that the lost kings of Egypt were buried in the mists of time and that his name should never leave a black mark on his mother’s reign.

To his gang of rogues, scoundrels, rakes, compadre’s & assorted miscreants he calls friends he is known as ‘Doctor’ in mockery of his initials being stamped on all his belongings.
The Doctor has travelled the length and breadth of the empire and beyond. His roguish nature has led him astray on more than one occasion and caused many a cuckolded husband or ten. He has been chased out of more ports than he can recollect however he always manages to grab a memento before he escapes.
His latest den of inequity, hiding in plain sight, can be found at Her Majesty’s customs house on the quay of Exeter’s historic waterfront, the oldest customs house in Britain.  A night out with Daedalus will offer curious drinks from all corners of the empire,

UK Drinks List of the Year 2017
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Winner Best Bar 2017

Rogues Gallery

  1. The Rogue & Rake
    The Rogue & Rake
    This pair of reprobates were the good Doctor's one time travelling companions, the Rogue and Rake have a multitude of skills, including gambling, womanising, drinking and general debauchery they can often be seen embarking on a game of chance or more likely than not propping up the bar......But watch out they are not as gentrified as they seem!!!
  2. The Dandy, The Pirate & The Governess
    The Dandy, The Pirate & The Governess
    This Trio Whom the doctor entrusts the day to day debauchery in his den were fished out of the sea after a angry giant squid took exception to the three of them making too much noise after a particularly long session on absinth, and sunk the vessel they were travelling on.... They have since pledged loyalty to the good doctor
  3. Artist & the Strong Woman
    Artist & the Strong Woman
    This unlikely duo, met the good Doctor at a travelling circus,they can often been seen behind the scenes, the young apprentice's are learning the doctors dark arts but also assist in the disposing of unwanted scallywags i to the docks.